Satura RejuveGel Capsules are a new balanced food supplement that has a general rejuvenating effect.

Proper nutrition is essential for good looks and health, but, unfortunately, we don't get sufficient amount of microelements with usual foods. That's why we need vitamins to help hair growth and slow down ageing so our body needs support from the inside. That’s where SATURA® RejuveGel Capsules comes in handy. Why they are highly recommended for people of all ages?


If you’ve been searching for an efficient 100% natural allergy-free remedy, these are the best natural vitamins for hair growth. The innovative hair growth vitamins are taken orally. The unique formula aims to stop ageing and improve overall health. SATURA® RejuveGel contains:

  • Irish moss, sugar Kelp and seaweed extracts
  • Vitamins E, A and D
  • Carotene, bladder wrack
  • Olive oil and rosehip seed oil

The vitamins for hair growth are a great source of iodine, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and microelements. A perfect food additive for health support!

How does it work?

The main benefit of SATURA® RejuveGel capsules is stimulation of tissue regeneration and an anti-inflammatory effect. Balding and hair loss often occurs because of cell aging in follicles’ connective tissues – the capsules stimulate cell renewal (the dead cells are removed and replaced by new ones quicker), cleanse the cells from dead organic components, boost metabolism. This process helps to restore subcutaneous tissue which saturates hair follicles with nutrients.

Aside from providing nutrition, the tablets decelerate cell aging and rejuvenate tissues of scalp, hair, and nails. When the cell renewal is boosted, the growing hairs outnumber the falling ones, and the process of balding ceases. Therefore, these are the best vitamins for thinning hair and dry skin that optimize metabolism and improve beauty from inside out.

How to use the capsules?

Take two capsules a day: in the morning and in the evening. Don’t chew the tablets, drink with a glass of water. The capsules should be taken regardless of meal time. One course lasts 2-3 months – and should be repeated every 6 months. In case of allergic reactions, cease taking the pills.

SATURA® RejuveGel is a 100% natural hair growth tablet that administers multiple effects: they boost health, slow down aging, and make hair thick and shiny. There’s no easier way to restoring beauty.

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