Hand conditioning lotion for the prevention and treatment of dry and damaged skin. Nourishes the skin, makes it firm and silky.

Recommended for:

  • The prevention of dry, hard and damaged skin on the hands, making them smooth and silky

What is it made from?

EOS Silk Hands represents the best lotion for extremely dry hands, a universal product which forms part of the EOS skincare range. Made from natural ingredients and manufactured in the UK, EOS Silk Hands is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients, all toxicology certified, which work with nature to provide the perfect solution to dry hands. EOS products do not contain any harmful substances; they are anti-allergenic, and do not create any environmental pollution through the manufacturing process.

How does it work?

The best hand lotion for dry, cracked hands is one which is nourishes the skin, making it smooth and silky. EOS Silk Hands Lotion is formulated with 100% natural ingredients to prevent dry, hard, and damaged skin. Suitable for all skin types, the moisturising hand lotion can show instant results, making hands softer and silky, and when used regularly it helps even out skin pigmentation and lightens the skin. EOS Silk Hands also has the added benefit of an antiseptic effect, perfect for areas of cracking or chapping, leaving the skin looking healthy and feeling supple and beautiful.

How to use EOS Silk Hands

EOS silk Hands lotion is primarily intended for use on dry hands and brittle nails. A small amount of lotion should be applied twice a day, rubbing in until it is fully absorbed. Dry skin will be instantly relieved, but Silk Hands can be used regularly for a long lasting effect – you will soon see why Silk hands is widely regarded as best hand moisturiser available today.

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