Improves the complexion, and texture of pale and tired skin. Firms and tones.

Recommended for:

  • Tired, pale or anaemic skin as well as those with ageing skin
  • It improves the complexion and makes the skin firmer

What is it made from?

As a treatment for tired and pale skin, EOS Ruby Lotion is made using a completely natural formula, hand manufactured in the UK in an eco-friendly facility. When used regularly, the bioactive plant-based constituents of the lotion work in synergy to provide the best facial skin firming treatment. Its unique ingredients all have toxicology certification, providing reassurance that they are kind to the environment as well as your skin.

How does it work?

EOS Ruby makes skin firmer and improves the complexion. The lotion stimulates the metabolic process within the skin; it increases the capillary circulation and blood oxygenation, improving skin respiration for a healthy, firm and beautiful appearance.

In addition to being the best skin tightening treatment - the skin has a smooth and rejuvenated look, the lotion also cleanses and refreshes the skin, reversing the effects of anaemia, aging and tiredness. This lotion for pale skin will leave you looking radiant and enhanced, whilst your skin will feel ultra-cleansed, nourished, and hydrated.

How to use EOS Ruby

EOS Ruby is a cleansing lotion for pale and tired skin. Apply a generous amount to the skin with a cotton wool disc once or twice daily, and maintain regular use for highly noticeable results.

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