Deep cleanser for skin care Before and after shaving, with antiseptic and wound-healing effect.

Recommended for:

  • Skin care - before and after shaving
  • Abrasions and rashes

What is it made from?

This naturally derived lotion is the ultimate in sensitive skincare for men. The bio-formula within EOS Emerald soothes the effects of shaving, healing cuts and abrasions whilst stimulating a smooth and vibrant appearance for the skin. With its toxicologically certified formula, suitable for all skin types, EOS Emerald is the ultimate after shave mens lotion. Manufactured by hand in the UK using zero-pollution methods, EOS Emerald is totally free from any harmful ingredients.

How does it work?

EOS Emerald Lotion works both as a pre-shave solution to cuts and rashes, and an antiseptic skin care after shaving. Its anti-inflammatory ingredients have wound -healing properties, whilst the lotion also refreshes and firms the skin for a great feel at any time of day. Its unique 100% natural formula is anti-allergenic and is proven to be without any side effects. The scientifically advanced formula of EOS Emerald will leave skin feel invigorated, and looking smooth and sophisticated.

How to use EOS Emerald Lotion

Apply a generous amount of Emerald lotion to the skin using a cotton wool disc, once or twice daily. Suitable for all skin types, as a pre or post shave balm.

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