Rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. Strengthens the walls of blood vessels to prevent the skin from Premature ageing. Deep cleanser.

Recommended for:

  • Deep cleanser.
  • Prevents the skin from premature ageing
  • For all skin types including dry

What is it made from?

EOS Rejuvenate contains proven elements of anti wrinkle treatments, and provides a natural lotion against wrinkles and the effects of aging. Its natural components are all grown in the UK, using eco-friendly techniques which guarantee a pollution-free process and result. The 100% pure natural ingredients have toxicology certification.

How does it works?

Suitable for all skin types, EOS Rejuvenate deeply nourishes, stimulates, and strengthens the walls of the blood vessels to provide the best remedy for aging skin.

Natural bioactive ingredients gently penetrate deeply into the skin, improving the blood supply, cellular respiration and the defensive system , resulting in a vibrant and radiant look.

When used regularly, Rejuvenate lotion knows how to stop aging skin as it reduces wrinkles and fine lines, making skin healthy and beautiful. As well as being the best anti-aging facial treatment the lotion also acts as a cleanser, whilst protecting the skin from harmful environmental elements, for an enriched and younger-looking appearance.

How to use EOS Rejuvenate

EOS Rejuvenate is ideally suited to older skin or to combat the signs of premature skin aging, but offers beneficial smoothing effects to all skin types. Use the lotion once or twice daily on the face and neck, as required. Apply generously to the skin with a cotton wool disc.

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