Deep cleanser. Stimulates tanning. Firms, tones, smoothes the skin, With antiseptic qualities.

Recommended for:

  • Any skin type (particularly oily) which would benefit from a natural, healthy tan all year round

What is it made from?

EOS Bronze Lotion is a revolutionary product derived from plant sources. It uses a unique blend of ingredients to create the best natural tanning lotion for the face and body, suitable for all skin types, without the effects of harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. All EOS products are manufactured using eco-friendly methods, within the UK, and all have toxicology certification.

How does it work?

EOS Bronze lotion is a cleanser with tanning properties. It stimulates metabolic processes in the skin and increases capillary circulation and blood oxygenation, improving skin respiration. When used regularly, the plant-based pigments within the lotion accumulate in the skin, simulating a sun-tanning effect, for a healthy glow all year round without any of the dangers associated with other tanning methods.

In addition to its excellence as a body and the best face tanner on the market today, EOS Bronze also cleanses and refreshes the skin with antiseptic properties, firming and toning to increase the skin’s smooth and healthy appearance. Regular use of this powerful yet gentle lightweight formula will accentuate the skin’s natural beauty and leave it with a fresh-from-the-spa look.

How to use EOS Bronze lotion

EOS Bronze should be applied to the skin once or twice daily, using a cotton wool disc. Use all year round to maintain a tanned effect. Use a generous amount, and allow it to absorb into the skin. EOS Bronze is suitable for all skin types with particular benefit for oily skin, and is ideal as a pre-holiday treatment, or for those in a cold climate.


It should be noted that whilst EOS Bronze stimulates sun tanning it is NOT a sun blocker and has no SPV Factor. (Sun Protection Factor)

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