100% Natural Treatments – Toxicological Certifications

Our hair and skin products which are collectively sold under the GZ logo are made from 100% natural ingredients and are the results of over 25 years dedicated research and development by Dr Galina Zigmond.

Her research now brings you the following ranges of 
100% natural products:
  • SATURA® to re-activate permanent hair growth, even in extreme cases such as alopecia, and to alleviate a wide range of scalp disorders.
  • Anti-ageing nourishing creams SILVA® and UNI® formulated to protect and rejuvenate skin on the face and neck; restoring elasticity, reducing wrinkles and alleviating the symptoms of a range of skin ailments.
  • The cleansing, antiseptic and revitalising properties of our EOS® skin lotions alleviate the symptoms of a wide range of skin conditions including severe acne, rosacea, black heads and enlarged pores.

All the products have safety approvals, are hand made in the UK and have Independent Toxicology.

Certificates and Approvals. The Toxicology consists of:
  • An evaluation of the individual ingredients of the formulation used to manufacture the products.
  • In turn, each ingredient is assessed for its hazard or inherent toxicity in relation to the potential for exposure to the ingredient for:
    1. Acute toxicity
    2. Skin and eye irritancy
    3. Potential for skin sensitization
    4. Reproductive, genotoxic or carcinogenic activity